3 – Mockingbird, High Ground

Mockingbird wanted the high ground: morally and literally.  The HUD in her goggles had a full wireframe schematic of the interior of the warehouse and although she didn’t have x-ray or anything she had enough info to generally track Castle’s movements. He was moving with cover, over by the table and she had to keep […]

10 – Punisher Takes Stock

Castle pressed his fingers to his side, checking to make sure the damn woman hadn’t broken his rib. No. It hurt, and it was tender but not mushy and he could breath fine. He didn’t feel the pull of severe damage, just an ache. He went to ground behind one of the pillars, taking stock […]

30 Seconds of Wick Chapter 20: Wick is Back (1:11:00-1:11:30)

Dichotomies are interesting in narrative. The scene I’ll be covering for the next few chapters is both one of the most technically accomplished and interesting fights in a movie packed with great fight scenes but also the most contrived. We’re in the under renovation church fight, the one that includes the iconic Keanu raging snarl […]

30 Seconds of Wick: Siege of Casa Wick summary

Apologies on the missed week — my world kinda exploded and I was just working on getting one foot in front of the other. I’ll be posting three separate entries this week, this one, a “prologue” to the Russian Bathhouse fight and then the first entry of that altercation I wanted to break down what […]