10 – Punisher Takes Stock

Castle pressed his fingers to his side, checking to make sure the damn woman hadn’t broken his rib.


It hurt, and it was tender but not mushy and he could breath fine. He didn’t feel the pull of severe damage, just an ache. He went to ground behind one of the pillars, taking stock of his weapons.

Knives and hand guns, check. He’d left the rifles in the van, hidden a few blocks away — a mistake. It was always a mistake to leave the rifles, he knew that.

He had, at least, brought a few grenades other than the gas one. Would a flash-bang work here? 

Probably not. Those fancy goggles of her would protect her from the light and she didn’t need to hear him to hit him. He didn’t really want to use the shrapnel or incendiary ones, he really didn’t. He wasn’t truly angry at her — they’d fought on the same side before and would again. He didn’t want to risk crippling her. If she would just get the hell out of his way and let him do his damn job…

He could just do that.

He should. Better from up above though. Better line of sight.

He turned and ran into the darkness, to where he remembered seeing a ladder to the walkways. 

Once he was up there, he darted along the perforated metal, ignoring the creaks and groans, intent on getting back to the center of the room and his targets.

Suddenly the metal shifted under him and he instinctively dove into a shoulder roll…

Punisher, she’s right behind you! (Go to 9)

Sense a stand off coming? (Go to 12)

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