Combat As Character

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is probably the best movie made under the umbrella of the MCU; only Black Panther can really compete for that title. One of the reasons why is that the Russo Brothers know to their bones how to direct action to convey character. The Russos are not flashy stylist directors. Their […]

1 – In The Beginning

Author’s Note: This was originally written for the late, lamented Comics Horizon site, which shuttered before it could be published. The only limitation on the fight was “no sniping from a distance”. This is my personal Mockingbird, who retains the camotech suit she had in her Secret Avengers run and is a standing member of […]

3 – Mockingbird, High Ground

Mockingbird wanted the high ground: morally and literally.  The HUD in her goggles had a full wireframe schematic of the interior of the warehouse and although she didn’t have x-ray or anything she had enough info to generally track Castle’s movements. He was moving with cover, over by the table and she had to keep […]

4 – Mockingbird, Ground Fighting

Bobbi Barton released her hold and let Mockingbird take over. Castle was an enemy right now, even if he had been a reluctant ally in the past—she couldn’t condone his methods…any more. She’d made a promise, to Clint, to Steve, to herself. She might sympathize with the stark simplicity of the trigger pull as a […]

5 – Facing Off

Mockingbird came out of the shadows between one breath and the next, moving fast. In one of those motions that didn’t seem…fair, somehow, she caught one of her batons on a rebound.  The other one – the one that had hit him, numbing his left arm – it was still at Castle’s feet. He snatched […]

6 – Mockingbird Goes High

“Nothing’s ever easy with you, is it Castle?” Mockingbird said out loud to where Punisher had disappeared into the shadows.  “Couldn’t just be a macho prick like all the others and assume you can take me? Why you gotta be that way?” She had a choice. They could both move fast and silent on the […]

7 – Punisher Reacts

“Are the rest of the savior scouts around here or am I actually going to have a good day today?” Castle sneered. Mockingbird glared at him through those yellow tinted goggles of hers. She looked uninjured but… “I hit you, didn’t I? The hell kind of body armor do you have?” “As if I’d tell […]

8 – Punisher Takes High Ground

For the first time in his life, Frank Castle was really glad his shot missed. Punisher grabbed a rickety piece of equipment, tested its base, then knocked it on its side. Under the crash of the metal he launched himself up, shinnying a rough support pole like a tree and rolled onto the walkway above. […]

9 – Fight In The Air

Mockingbird’s staff snapped downward at where his hip had been. If it had struck he’d probably not be able to walk for hours at least. She pulled the strike when he moved out of the way, spinning the long metal pole back up and into a ready posture. Smooth, calm, professional. She had to have […]

10 – Punisher Takes Stock

Castle pressed his fingers to his side, checking to make sure the damn woman hadn’t broken his rib. No. It hurt, and it was tender but not mushy and he could breath fine. He didn’t feel the pull of severe damage, just an ache. He went to ground behind one of the pillars, taking stock […]