6 – Mockingbird Goes High

“Nothing’s ever easy with you, is it Castle?” Mockingbird said out loud to where Punisher had disappeared into the shadows.  “Couldn’t just be a macho prick like all the others and assume you can take me? Why you gotta be that way?”

She had a choice. They could both move fast and silent on the ground here. One of two things would happen: they’d avoid each other until the assholes around the table woke up and this would turn into a firefight. If that happened she’d have to call in the team and Frank would just use that time to execute as many of the bad guys as he could. 

Or she could stop playing with Castle and just put him down. Yeah, he’d end up in jail but that was preferable to letting him murder anyone in front of her. 

She needed a better view.

There was no thought behind the action of turning her batons into her staff and vaulting the fifteen feet to the catwalk above. That kind of thing was like walking or breathing now, as easy as Cap throwing his shield. She landed like she was stepping off an escalator. 

Her HUD snapped out a wireframe schematic of the rickety walkways and the piles of rusty equipment below. 

Soundless, Mockingbird ghosted forward, searching for her target.

There he was…

Punisher! She’s right behind you! (Go to 9)

Or maybe she isn’t? (Go to 12)

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