July 21, 2019

30 Seconds of Wick: Siege of Casa Wick summary

Apologies on the missed week — my world kinda exploded and I was just working on getting one foot in front of the other. I’ll be posting three separate entries this week, this one, a “prologue” to the Russian Bathhouse fight and then the first entry of that altercation

I wanted to break down what I’ve written for you so far, just in terms of the numbers.

These posts (excluding the first post compose about 3300 words, about a short story’s worth of words. At an average reading speed that’s about twenty five minutes of reading.

The screen time covered is two minutes and thirty seconds. And I was ONLY talking about a very limited section of the visual/auditory information being delivered. I didn’t talk about the costuming, the lighting, the set direction. I didn’t discuss the cinematography, shot choices or the acting.

Film is unparalleled as an information delivery system, with a depth and weight available from every choice that no other medium can deliver.

And John Wick is using that to great effect.

Next up, a small ‘prologue’ entry to what is one of the greatest set pieces ever filmed — The Russian Bathhouse Gun Battle or

“John Wick knows Gun-Fu”