12 – Combat

Frank rolled to his feet and saw … A flash of motion, as Mockingbird landed on the walkway in front of him, several dozen paces away. The sway had been caused by her landing.  He drew one of his knives and raced towards her, intent on stopping her cold before she realised he was there.  […]

13 – The Big Choice

Punisher pulled out an incendiary grenade. It was sleek black matte one, with no identifying marks on it. He’d probably made it himself. It was likely immensely powerful.  “No. Damn it, do not do this,” Mockingbird hissed at him, dragging her badly bleeding hand into her chest, hoping to staunch the flow.  “Not in here, […]

14 – Finale 1

Desperately, Mockingbird leapt towards it…  Despite the blood, the pain, her hand reached out…and caught the bottom of the grenade right at the end of her leap. She went headfirst over the railing, tumbling towards the ground but she managed to weakly bat the grenade back at Punisher as she fell. Spinning in mid air […]

15 – Finale 2

Desperately, Mockingbird leapt towards it… And slashed out with her remaining baton as she went head first over the railing, tumbling and spinning to land on the hard floor below. One knee flexed till it touched the ground. Super hero landing, she cheered to herself. She felt the baton make contact with the grenade, sending […]

16 – Finale 3

Desperately, Mockingbird leapt towards it… She dropped her remaining batons, grabbed the railing with her right hand and pivoted up, her combat boot making contact squarely with the center of the canister. To her utter horror some errant combination of angular momentum and trajectory sent the grenade spinning downwards, towards the table and the bad […]

2- Mockingbird Makes A Mistake

“Are the rest of the savior scouts around here or am I actually going to have a good day?”  Bobbi clamped her mouth shut, staring at Castle. She wished, desperately, that she’d called for backup before going in on this situation. But, at the same time, she was really really glad Cap and the team […]

30 Seconds of Wick: On Va Voir (11:11-12:25)

Hey. Sorry to be away so long. It’s been an astonishingly bad year for me personally, in the midst of a bad year for the planet in general. I’ll probably post about it soonish — it’s a story that needs to be told — but all the matters right now is I’m back, the blog […]

30 Seconds of Wick Chapter 22: Short and Sweet (1:12:00-1:12:35)

Ninety five seconds. That’s how much screen time the second best fight of the movie takes up (I mean, give or take — that’s just my timing). This is a short, sharp, brutal battle — and as a consequence remains the most realistic of the fights, only edging the Perkins battle out because they literally […]