2- Mockingbird Makes A Mistake

“Are the rest of the savior scouts around here or am I actually going to have a good day?” 

Bobbi clamped her mouth shut, staring at Castle. She wished, desperately, that she’d called for backup before going in on this situation. But, at the same time, she was really really glad Cap and the team weren’t about to bust in on them. She might, with a bit of luck, be able to actually talk the Punisher out of being–well–himself.

If Steve were here it would be all macho posturing and threats and she didn’t have the stomach for it today. 

Frank looked at her in that piercing, appraising way he had. If he were anyone else she’d think he was looking at her boobs; he was searching for targets.

“I hit you, didn’t I? The hell kind of body armor do you have?”

“As if I’d tell you,” she retorted. 

“Yeah, whatever. Get out of here, Avenger. Leave this trash to me and go save a kitten from a tree or something,” Castle said, contempt dripping from his voice. 

“I was trying to find their supplier, idiot,” she snapped at him. “This is stolen Stark Tech.” She gestured at the computer. “You don’t have the means to deal with it.’

He actually racked his pistol like she would be impressed, for the love of…

“I can deal with them just fine.”

Bobbi vaulted the table between them and slammed the muzzle of his gun into the air. “You raging asshole. I’m not going to let you murder them in cold blood.”

“Get off the horse you rode in on, Barton,” he said coldly. “I know you, remember? I’ve seen the end result of you being pissed off.”

“Things are different now, Frank. I’m different. And you don’t need to kill them. Just go. I’ll take it from here; I’ll call the NYPD. I’m not a wanted vigilante.”

The instant she said it she knew she’d screwed up. The HUD in her goggles actually registered his pupils dilating and she flew out of the pool of light around the table, into the concealing shadows.

Well, at least him wanting to kill her kept him from killing all of them. 

Does Mockingbird …

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