13 – The Big Choice

Punisher pulled out an incendiary grenade. It was sleek black matte one, with no identifying marks on it. He’d probably made it himself. It was likely immensely powerful. 

“No. Damn it, do not do this,” Mockingbird hissed at him, dragging her badly bleeding hand into her chest, hoping to staunch the flow.  “Not in here, who knows what god forsaken chemicals this place is soaked with. You’ll burn the whole place to the ground.”

“Yup,” he nodded. “Should take out most of them, too.”

Mockingbird felt a chill. They were nearly back at the pool of light and the still motionless bad guys, just off to her left.

Punisher pulled the pin and gently lobbed the fizzing device into the air.

Desperately, Mockingbird leapt towards it…

What does Mockingbird hit the grenade with?

Her injured hand? (Go to 14)

Her baton? (Go to 15)

A kick? (Go to 16)

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