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30 Seconds of Wick Chapter 18 (Repost of Chapter 1) Perkins Takes A Bite (58:25-58:55)

Perkins Vs John Wick (58:25-58:55) This was my inaugural post because of a coincidence. I was asked twice in one month by random people if I knew why Perkins uses her teeth hold her jacket during this fight. It’s a moment that watching it I thought “Maybe five percent of […]

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30 Second of Wick Chapter 17: The Best Fight Begins (57:55-58:25)

We’ve finally caught up to the best fight in this movie. Yes, I’ll say it again: as good as Red Circle is, Perkins vs Wick is the best fight of the movie and possibly the best fight in the three movies so far. I covered the second segment of this […]

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