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30 Seconds of Wick Chapter 12: That’s Certainly A Mustache (53:00-53:30)

I love this section of the fight, both for the nonchalant way they just let squib blood splatter across the perspex protecting the camera lens (happens multiple times throughout the movie) and for the way the stunt crew here works their asses off to make Keanu look like a god. […]

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30 Seconds of Wick Chapter 11: Bringing BJJ to a gunfight (52:30-53:00)

There are a number of “Interesting Facts About John Wick” listicles out there. ( served as source for me here) Among the things one learns is that Keanu Reeves had a 104 degree fever due to the flu during the shooting of the “upper floor” of the Russian Nightclub scene, […]

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30 Seconds of Wick Chapter 10: Gunplay (52:00-52:30)

Well, Iosef made it upstairs and out another door. He’s about to miss out on one of the most chaotic, innovative and interesting fight scenes ever captured on film. It is a seamless integration of gunplay, physicality from both the star and the stunt team, hand-to-hand and realism. People RELOAD […]

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