Knife to a gun fight

30 Seconds of Wick Chapter 8: Masculine vs Macho 50:30-51:00

I have this saying that I think is relevant to both Keanu Reeves and John Wick, and especially relevant in THIS thirty seconds of John Wick the movie. “A masculine guy knows he is a man; a macho guy is terrified he’s NOT.” (And let me be clear I don’t […]

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Chapter 7: Shades of Blue and Red 50:00 – 50:30

The Russian Nightclub is the iconic fight of the Wick movies. Not my favourite—that belongs to my lethal lady Perkins—but there isn’t really any way to describe how instant the impact of this section of the movie was. It’s a seamless integration of gun, knife and hand combat, shot in […]

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