August 27, 2019

30 Seconds of Wick Chapter 9: Dance Floor (51:30-52:00)

We’re about to get into the meat of the most iconic fight scene of this movie, the dance floor of the Red Circle.

Iosef, clutching his towel and impotently waving a gun he never fires, staggers through the crowd of dancers, heading for security at the far side of the dance floor.

For a moment, before the action kicks off John Wick is again framed as a horror movie monster, as the unstoppable, implacable force of nature. Under pounding, distorted EDM music Wick is shot in slow motion, the pulsing lights of the floor flicking him in and out of shadow. His face is still, focused, set. The sea of people, who had served only to hinder Iosef parts magically in front of his aura. The lone reveler who gets in his path is gently pushed out of the way with a hand on the back. He is not a target; he is irrelevant.

Iosef reached the guards and points them towards Wick. They shove their way through the crowd–brave, stupid or ignorant of what they are getting into to. Now, no longer in slow motion, Wick is also beset on all sides by sweaty bodies.

51:48 — first contact, and two guards die in six shots. There are two Wick signature move here–in a chaotic space he grabs and holds opponents as he shoots, either controlling the head or weapon arm. It’s another manifestation of his focus and precision. If you are dumb enough to get into touching distance, he will hold you still to die.

He also does his usual coup de grace head shot on the first guard he downs as he tries to rise. John Wick does not make enemies and leave them alive behind him. Iosef flees up another set of stairs.

51:58 the call goes out on the radio.

“Wick’s here! He’s in the building!”

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